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Cestovateľské tipy, rady a zaujímavé miesta

Are you looking for the ideal mobility solution for your company?

Did any of the vehicles in your company´s fleet crash or you are waiting for a new vehicle to be delivered from production? Rentalport offers you an ideal solution for short-term car rental.

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How to choose the right car rental?

Choosing a car rental company is just as important as choosing the destination to which you are going. How to choose the right one? Should the price be...

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Contactless car rental

The contactless purchase of products or services is becoming increasingly popular. Car rental is no exception. Its main idea is to eliminate physical...

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Insurance for holidays

In today's turbulent crown times, most people choose to stay at home. However, some of us are braver, cannot stand without the sea and want to go to holiday in Croatia or Italy. Most often they...

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Rentalport cities: Kosice

Many Slovaks consider the second-largest Slovak city, Kosice, to be even more beautiful than the capital. The metropolis of East Slovakia can boast the longest...

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Renault Master, now is a BIG DEAL

RentalPort brings you the new Renault Master, a popular van for rent now 35% cheaper

Are you looking to rent a van in Bratislava and its surroundings for your project, movieng or everyday work? RentalPort, as a specialist in car and van...

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How to pack for a family road trip?

Do you have a small kid? In that case, you certainly know that almost everything takes longer with children than usual. Packing for a vacation or a trip is no...

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Renting of a car during the coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic, which is still far from being over, has turned the lives of many of us upside down. However, the most affected areas are the...

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How to travel safely this summer?

Although the current epidemiology situation of most countries is still far from stable, you do not need to stay home the whole summer. After all, there is...

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50% discount on renting a new PEUGEOT 208

Try THE VEHICLE OF THE YEAR 2020 by yourself!

Peugeot has won the prize of the European Car of the Year for the sixth time! Futuristic design, modern technology, and economic operation were the hallmarks of this year's...

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Rentalport expands globally!

Rentalport is a dynamically developing platform that focuses on online car booking and related services. It is currently operating in more than 60 locations...

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To which countries can Slovaks travel this summer?

Most people associate summer with vacation. However, this year's summer season is different from the previous ones. The coronavirus pandemic has negatively...

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Rentalport cities: Bratislava

Rentalport already operates in more than 20 cities and three countries. Each city is unique and has a lot to offer to its visitors. We have decided to share the most interesting travel...

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What to look out for when renting a car?

• hidden fees can increase the advertised car rental price up to 30-70%
• the most common cross-sells that customers are pushed into are different types...

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Which categories of vehicles do we know and how they are divided

How to choose the right vehicle you need?

In the offer of many car rental companies, as well as when renting a car through the largest rental platform Rentalport, you will find that you will rent a category...

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SUMMER DISCOUNT on car rentals!

Holiday discounts up to 30%

Temperatures this summer will be above the average. Rising temperatures, but also the lingering corona crisis, are helping people to plan their summer holidays. This year will be marked by...

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What is the significance of competition between international and local car rental company?

Global versus local?

If you have already learned the benefits of renting a car through a car rental platform such as Rentalport, you will also encounter other specifics,...

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How does Rentalport take care of its customers?

What benefits do we offer to customers when they searching and booking a vehicle?

On the market are large number of car rental companies that offer their services. These car rental companies provide different conditions for their customers, but if...

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Are you in need of a relief vehicle?

When are you entitled to a relief vehicle and how can you easily rent this vehicle?

Your car has been demolished and a series of endless insurance claims is waiting for you. If you need to stay mobile and rent a car for this period of time, you have...

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Is it cheaper nowadays to rent a car than electric scooter?

It very likely that you have noticed an increased number of shared bicycles or electric scooters in recent months. There is nothing to wonder about, this type of transport has become very...

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What should you know about car insurance when renting

The next time you rent a car, you should know that you will have to pay extra for each premium service. Insurance is also one of these services, and in this article, you can find the most...

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What does it mean to rent a vehicle category?

When you rent a car through Rentalport, you will come across one specific feature that similar search and booking platforms have in common. You are usually booking a...

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50% DISCOUNT on selected vehicles!

Take advantage of special discounts and get Fiat 500 with an automatic transmission for 20 € / day.

Within a week, after a great Peugeot Boxer 3 + 1 day GRATIS, we bring you again excellent news and another...

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Will car rental companies survive the corona-crisis?

It is no longer a secret that the coronavirus that hit the whole world in 2020 will deeply affect the economy. Despite the fact that Slovakia is doing very well...

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Peugeot Boxer 3 + 1 day GRATIS!

Do you need a van at a good price? Read more ...

Have you thought about moving out or do you need to transport material, cargo or goods? In cooperation with our contracted car rental companies, we are preparing...

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COMPETITION Win car hire with Rentalport!

We are looking for mystery shoppers

Rentalport comes with a series of interesting competitions, the aim of which is to reveal the quality of car rental services provided to the...

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The largest car rental is established - Rent a vehicle at the best price!

RentalPort.com, a corporation that operates online car rental started...

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Car rental companies reopen their locations

Long-awaited government regulations have allowed many car rental companies to reopen their locations. From 22 April, wider service providers, including car rental...

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Special precautions against COVID-19!

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a new virus. The disease causes respiratory illness (like the flu) with symptoms such as a cough, fever, and in more severe...

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Is better to search for car rentals on the web or rent a car trough Rentalport?

Maybe you didn’t know that you can also rent a car through Rentalport before. Rentalport car rental uses the capacity of many rental companies on the market...

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Important recommendations before renting a vehicle

When you are renting a car from any rental company or through a booking portal where multiple car rental offers are collected like Rentalport, keep in mind that you...

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when should i rent a car?

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Individual transport at the time of Coronavirus

Are you one of those who are panicking about the COVID-19 virus, or you just don't think that it is anything special? Epidemics and pandemics, whether viral or...

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International travel

Traveling abroad is one of the main reasons why customers tend to rent a car. The reasons are simple. When traveling on holidays or business trips, these trips are...

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How to rent a car through Rentalport platform?

Renting a car is a great way to discover the beautiful, inaccessible areas at your own pace. The following article its not only about how you can book a car step by...

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Why rent a car?

Even if you are not the owner of a vehicle, but if you are an active driver, there may be situations in your life where you are in need of a vehicle. You might want...

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What to check when renting a car?

If you are renting a car for the first time, and if you will keep in your head a few essentials, it is likely to be a positive experience. A rented car gives you...

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Car rental in a different way...

A holiday in the form of a mass-organized trip to a seaside resort is becoming less and less attractive for people. Places that are not...

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How to watch out for rental fees?

Renting a vehicle can be much more convenient than owning a one. Especially when you don’t need the car on a daily basis. Car owners need to take care of the...

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How do I find what fuel uses your rental car ?

Refueling a car may seem like something very simple. There are many cases when people refueled a car with the wrong fuel which caused the vehicle damage. That...

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